White Paper Matters is a left-winged, right side of history kind of stationery. Its purpose is to educate on social issues in a comical yet appropriate way through paper medium. The three main social issues have to do with the Hispanic agenda, Feminist agenda, and LGBTQ+ agenda. Each line is centered around literal agendas, but also discusses each disenfranchised group or demographic's history and current grievances.

The Feminist Agenda line focuses on all womens' rights and gender equality. 
The sticky note pad says "stick it to the patriarchy."
The to-do list pad says "a person wasn't made to do." 
The journal says "Sojournal Truth," as Sojourner Truth was a womens' rights activist. 
The folder states "Feminists don't folder under pressure."

Each agenda is tailored to each theme and highlights each disenfranchised group or culture's moments in history, important holidays, and actual political agenda (what rights or issues they are fighting for in recent day.)

Each agenda would consist of 6-12 patterns for each month depending on the planner. Each month's pattern is designed with the theme in mind, and represent an important event, cause, or holiday for its corresponding month. For example, for April, the teal ribbons in succession represent Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and for June (the first one), the pattern represents the Equal Pay Act, which was passed June of 1963.

The Hispanic Agenda focuses on Hispanic rights that goes beyond immigration. It centers on Hispanic culture in its design, from Aztecan to Caribbean influences. 
The sticky note pad says, "stick up por la raza." 
The to-do list pad says "todo que tengo to-do."
The journal says "Journal to Opportunity."

The folder states "Hispanics aren't here to just wash and folder."

The patterns for the Hispanic agenda primarily focus on icons of Hispanic culture, from food, to art, and many more. For February, for example, the icon is of Paracas Candelabra, a mysterious geogylph located in Peru, while May showcases the plantain, a common food in Caribbean / Dominican culture.

The LGBTQ+ Agenda focuses on rights that go beyond just marriage equality, but other important milestones in LGBTQ+ American history and fights that are still going on today.
The sticky note pad says, "stick it to the bigots."
The to-do list pad says "say I do to this to-do." 
The journal says, "Adjournal discrimination." 
The folder states, "This folder is for anyone," making a point that many products have "assigned genders."

There are many holidays in the LGBTQ+ community to be celebrated. During October is National Coming Out Day, which is represented through a reduced icon of an open door. In July of 2015, the Boy Scouts of America allowed there to be openly gay adult leaders. The pattern for July is a reduced creation of wings, which is part of the symbol for Boy Scouts.

Desk organizers would be sold as an office supply adorned with patterns from each line of agenda.
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