War is Over font file:
High Voltage Rough Regular font file:
Hoodie image (front & side view): (Paid License)
Web icons: Google Design (Open Source)
Facebook page mock up:
Guerilla marketing ad mock up:
Bus ad mock up:
Black Lives Matter marketing materials:
Magazine Mock Up:
Everything else is fair use or by permission of the person (personal pictures from Facebook and Instagram).
Once users input their face on the website, following the "Straight outta Compton" style of social media engagement, users can set the picture as a profile picture.
This magazine would have a cut-out where the user can place their face.
As people wait at the bus stop, they can engage with the ads and take pictures to add to the hashtag.
This ad would be shown in public areas, such as malls or public shopping squares, generally placed on a wall or free-standing outdoor advertising piece. It would record passerby's movements and in the same technology used in Google Hangouts or other interactive pieces, it would follow the movement and body shape and attach a hoodie to the body of those closest to the screen. Those who get closer will receive the message shown above.
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